What You Need To Know About Hair Detox

November 15, 2017

NLI-hair-detox-mask-horizontalThe cosmetics market is regularly bombarded with adverts whose aim is to lure individuals to apply specific products with the promise of achieving unrealistic results in record time. However, the truth of the matter is that most of these shampoos and conditioners leave behind a residue that does not bode well for your hair.

Luckily you can find the complete guide to why hair detox is essential and some of the products you can use at https://hairdetoxshampoo2018.wordpress.com, storify, and this hair detox.

Why cleansing is important

Our hair acts as a mirror that reflects our general state of health. When we consume items that are rich in toxins, our hair follicles tend to get thinner and duller. Most of these heavy metal toxins come from the hair care products we apply or in some cases abusing drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, THC, and cocaine. If you want to go natural or have a drug test in the near future, a hair detox treatment will nourish your scalp and eliminate toxic buildups.

Detox shampoos to the rescue

Hair drug tests are hard to cheat, but thanks to hair follicle shampoo you can walk into the laboratory with confidence. The conditioners contain a substance known as propylene which breaks down the metabolites present in nicotine, THC, and LSD. The toxins tend to occupy the deep layer of the follicle.

The conditioner will soften the cuticle and penetrate to the cortex where these toxins manifest. A combination of washing and cleansing using the shampoo for a period of one to two weeks will leave your scalp toxin free. Aloe Rid shampoo is one such product.

What to do before you detox

Though there are quite a number of detox products on the market, they significantly differ regarding quality and effectiveness. People tend to report mixed results when it comes to synthetic cosmetics, visit your stylist to get recommendations on what is likely to work best for you.


Ensure you keenly follow the guidelines in the product manual. Shun using drugs or suspicious cosmetics while on treatment since these activities can erode the effectiveness of the formula. Getting rid of harmful substances and going natural will bring back the lost sparkle in your hair.

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