What Are My Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone levels differ across males and what may be normal for one personDetermine-Your-Testosterone-Level-Instantly may not be for another individual. And this variation is due to the natural hormone levels of the person. Most physicians would let you know that the normal testosterone range is 250-1,000ng (nanograms) per every blood deciliter (dL). The normal range for young men below 30 years of age is more than 600 ng/dL. With age, testosterone levels dip, which is why males in their 50s usually exhibit numbers close to 500 ng/dL. The hormone production of each man is different, which means ranges are bound to vary across individuals.

Questions relating to testosterone levels usually arise when the male is undergoing certain abnormal symptoms. While the majority of people associate testosterone only with men or male health, they do not realize that high or low testosterone could also pose issues to women. Fortunately, ascertaining your testosterone levels is a pretty straightforward process. The results of which would become available in not more than two days.

All you need to test your levels is a basic blood test. A doctor, nurse or any other qualified health professional would draw blood, typically from within your arm’s veins. After the vein for the blood sample has been chosen, the area is swabbed with some alcohol and a needle is directly inserted into the vein. The blood is injected out and a small vial is then filled with that blood sample.

The blood collected is taken to a lab. Tests are then conducted to ascertain the testosterone level in the sample. The test would help determine if the person has a testosterone deficiency or the levels are above normal.

Checking for low or high testosterone levels usually happens when a symptom or two denote the hormone’s level isn’t within acceptable range. The test, in males, could be run in case the person has difficulties attaining or keeping an erection. Or there are concerns relating to sperm quality or quantity that’s preventing the male from fathering a child. Young boys or males who have recently attained puberty could also be examined if male gender characteristics’ development in them seems to get accelerated or delayed in some way.

Checking testosterone levels in a female is recommended if the woman starts exhibiting male-like traits, such as facial hair development or excessive or coarse hair growth on the body. Unusual voice deepening in women is also a sign of increased testosterone. Signs of low testosterone are usually in the form of a woman’s lack of interest in sexual activities with her partner. At times, doctors put women through testosterone level tests if the lady has been experiencing some menstrual issues.

Since testing testosterone levels could ascertain whether the existing levels are high or low, these tests are imperative to determine the kind of treatments the concerned individual must undergo to restore testosterone levels to normal. In certain scenarios, testosterone therapy could entail medications for lowering testosterone levels so that undesirable symptoms linked to the problem can be avoided.