The Hair Cutting Industry

June 12, 2015

Currently, the hair cutting industry is under attack by different factors that are proving difficult to overcome by barbers. Some of these have led to barbershops closing up business and barbers being left without a source of income to rely on. Below are some of these issues that barbers have provided as the most pressing to the profession, and are said to be slowly killing the industry.

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One common factor is intense competition from other barbers. This is mainly from chain barbers who have multiple shops in one area and tend to have marketing capabilities that small barbershops cannot afford. Sometimes people tend to discriminate against the small ones opting to receive the service from renowned chain barbers. In some locales, there exists a variety of barber shops which provide the same or different service. Like in all human concepts’ of behaviour, preference is a common trait where people tend to favour a particular barber over the rest mostly the oldest in the area. This leaves out the rest of the barbers with a small number of clients or none at all, which eventually cause a barber to go out of business.

In some culture such the Rastafarian religion, hair is a religious entity that should not be trimmed. Over the years the movement has been expanding into various countries and this has led to the lack of clients to barbershops. In most cases, Rastafarians tend to live in the same locale, for locales that have been encroached by the movement; barbers have had to close down as no one comes to have they hair cut. Some people often love to keep their hail long or plaited and thus do not require the services of a barber.

Another issue is the possibility of home shaving. Many men have taken up the task of personal facial and hair grooming. This has resulted in people purchasing hair and beard shaving kits and this ha s led to the elimination of requiring a barber to do it for them. This common in urban settings in western cultures, where men are not accustomed to having beards, and hence they purchase some shaving cream and a razor and do it themselves.

In recent times, hairstyling has become the greatest threat to the barbering industry as many people are adapting to different styles of hair rather than having it trimmed. Over the years hairstylists have incorporated barbering in their services leaving no room for barbers to exist. This because, at a hair stylist, one can get a variety of services under one roof unlike at a barbershop. Some of the services include massages and skin treatments which many men have become surprisingly fond of.

Pharmaceutical products such as conditioners and hair removal cream have also affected the barbering industry greatly. People usually have a hair cut to enable them to keep their hair tidy and manageable. Hair conditioners have been introduced to the society where one can apply it have his or her hair tidily intact for a day. As for hair removal creams, when applied they kill hair roots which prevent hair from growing again. With such appliances in use, no one bothers to go to a barbershop anymore which reduces the number of clients and eventually a barber may be forced to shut down the business when it can no longer support him or her.

With the world going fashion crazy, many hair styles and designs have emerged. Some people often depict their own versions of a certain design which they wish to have especially for music superstars. This has been a challenge for barbers who have to keep up with the emerging designs. Many barbers reminisce of the times when cutting hair was as simple as trimming or completely shaving ones head or chin. Today, everyone wants a particular design imprinted on their heads which takes a lot of time to complete. This leads to client numbers reducing as on e can only serve a small number in a day. This in turn leads to reduced revenue for the barber.

Barber shop branding and equipment is also proving to be a huddle especially for start-up barber shops. Every business has a gimmick it uses to attract clients. For barbers shops it is mainly branding where a barber has to uniquely design the exterior and interior look of the shop meticulously in order to have an appealing allure. This includes purchasing interior fittings and decoration, music systems and sometimes installation of cable television. Equipment such as waiting couches and barber seats tend to be too expensive for a beginner.

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