Is My Teenager Doing Drugs?

Most parents and guardians find that it is during the teenage years of theirteenager-drug-use young ones that things can get quite challenging. These young people are starting to discover themselves and exploring new things. It is also during such years that young people may end up getting into bad company which may lead to antisocial behavior such as violence and drug use. Being able to determine if your teenager is using drugs can be key to stopping the habit or getting help in dealing with the situation. Below are just some of the ways to know if your teenager is using drugs.

1. Physical changes

Anyone that starts using drugs is bound to go through certain physical changes. However, it is only a keen parent that can notice subtle changes during the start of drug use. For one teenager tend to let go of their grooming. In other words, you are likely to observe a reluctance when it comes to the way they dress or groom their hair. Young girls may not be too keen on making their hair or getting more accessories to compliment their dressing. Young boys, on the other hand, may start coming back home with unusual smells on their clothes, body or breath.

2. Behavioral changes

Another thing you may be able to observe is a change in the way your teenager behaves. In most cases, such individuals start isolating themselves from the rest of the family members. This they do to avoid raising any form of suspicion. Teenagers may also change the group of friends they hang out with. This is done so as to associate with individuals that have similar interests. It is also quite common to note an increase in aggression in drug users.

3. Short-term signs to watch out for

Short-term signs are those things that you can observe a few minutes or hours after an individual has taken drugs. A particular sign you may notice is slurred speech. You may also be able to notice dilated pupils, impaired walking, blacking out, vomiting and unusual hyperactivity.

How to ascertain if the teen is using drugs

While the signs mentioned above can be an indication of drug use it is often advisable that you ascertain your findings by carrying out a drug test. There are readily available testing kits that can be used to take a sample of hair, saliva or urine before taking it through a process of testing. Visit for more information on how you can carry out a successful drug test at home.

Getting help for your teenager

The use of drugs can have a variety of negative consequences for the teenager. Some individuals may end up suffering from health complications while others may overdose and deal with the threat of losing their lives. Substances such as heroin and cocaine are quite addictive which is why help should be sought for the young one. Talk to your religious leader, community health worker or doctor for advice on how to go about the whole issue.