Clear Your Hair Drug Test With Detox Shampoo

October 1, 2017

Employee drug testing (EDT) is crucial for organizations as it ensures a drug-free workplace and decreases incidences of drug abuse among the employees. This, in turn, promotes positive attributes such as discipline, integrity, professionalism, increased productivity etc in the work environment. There are several types of EDTs that are conducted by organizations.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing (PEDT)

To ensure sustained growth and profitability of the organization, it is important that a healthy workplace is maintained. Conducting drug tests before employment helps in making the right hiring decisions. This ensures that only efficient and productive employees are hired. These tests help to detect if a potential employee has addiction problems; this helps to increase the safety of the other employees at the workplace.

When only productive employees join the organization, the organizations can be assured that all the Federal work-safety guidelines will be followed in the workplace. Ensuring these tests are conducted before employment also helps organizations save money towards medical treatments, health insurance premiums, and compensation due to addiction issues.

Random drug testing (RDT)

As the name implies, in random drug testing, the organization checks employees for drug abuse randomly, without giving any prior notice about the same. It is helpful in preventing drug abuse in the workplace and reduces the risk of injuries, accidents, accident lapses, and damage. RDT is known to provide reliable and accurate results and can be conducted easily with drug test kits.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing (RSDT)

Organizations conduct this test on employees when they feel that an employee is abusing drugs. The test is conducted after observing the patterns of drug use, abnormal conduct, and some evidence. The test helps to find drug abusing employees, ensuring security, safety, and a drug-free work environment.

Post-Accident Drug Testing (PADT)

A post-accident drug test is conducted by an organization after an employee suffers injury or accident while at work. The test is conducted to know if the injury or accident is due to drug use or alcohol. The test protects the company from liability in case the employee was working under influence. These types of tests help reduce on-the-job accidents.

Return to Duty Drug Testing (RDDT)

This kind of tests is conducted after an employee joins duty after having attended a rehabilitation program. With this test, the organization gives a second chance to the employee.

Follow-Up Drug Testing (FUDT)

The test is conducted on employees who are back to work to check if they are still addicted to drugs. The test can be conducted any time and it is mandatory for the employee to undergo it.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

There are several ways an individual can be tested for drugs. The hair follicle drug test is one of the most difficult to clear. The test can detect several types of drugs. It is impossible to cheat in this test, making it one of the most popular drug tests today. Also, a hair follicle test is able to show a history of abuse and takes only three days to give results.

While hair drug tests are difficult to pass, there are ways to clear them such asshampoo using a hair detox or toxin wash with a hair follicle shampoo. There are several hair detox shampoos available today. However, not all are created equal. Make sure to do your research before you choose a product. Read the reviews of the various detox shampoos before you buy. The feedbacks of previous users will give you an idea about the efficacy of the products.

The major problem with most of the hair detox products is that they just clean the hair cuticle, but do not reach the shaft, which is the core of the hair strand. The shaft is what is actually checked in the tests. Therefore, products that just do surface level cleaning will not be of any use.

It is recommended that for best results, you use the shampoo multiple times before the test date. Follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle. Many products advise leaving the shampoo in the hair for several minutes.

When you are summoned for a test, you will need to go to a specialized clinic where a professional will take a hair sample. They will likely take several strands and will cut close to the base of your skull to get the best specimen. The hair sample is then sent to a lab for processing.

If your employer wants you to go for a hair drug test, buy the best detox shampoo to clear it.

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