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Top Employers Have Drug Testing Programs

June 12, 2018

According to the United States Labor Law, an employer should carry out a drugDrug-Testing-Program test before hiring an employee. No one should undergo drug testing by force. However, an employer has a right to deny employment if one refuses to test for drugs or fails drug testing. The employer can also fire an individual who fails a test.

Drug Abuse is Costly

Every year, drug abuse costs the global economy billions of dollars. Many people die every day because of drug abuse. The risks of drug use are many. For employed individuals, there is the risk of losing a job.

Drunk driving causes many accidents. Road accidents are the number cause of preventable death. Drug abuse leads to many health conditions. Drug use will affect the physical and mental health of a person.

Young drug users are, particularly at risk. The mind and body of a young person are growing. Abusing drugs will affect physical and mental growth.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

If you are searching for employment, you need to be clean. That will make you pass a pre-employment drug test. All American governmental organizations usually undertake drug testing. To work for the government, you should be a drug-free individual.

Some jobs are sensitive. Thus, a drug user cannot do them. You cannot operate machinery if you are high. Those who operate machinery must not drink any alcohol.

A doctor must not use drugs. Medicine is a sensitive career. Using drugs affects the judgment of an individual. A drug user will end up recommending the wrong medicine.

Random Drug Testing

A random drug test can happen if there is a suspicion that an employee is using drugs. An employee who is frequently arguing or shows signs of violence will have to undergo a drug test. Failing the first random drug test might lead to suspension. Failing subsequent tests will cause firing.

Most employees abuse marijuana. This drug affects the mental capacity of a person. An employee needs to have the right mental state. A marijuana user will be less productive. The road to passing a marijuana test begins at http://marijuanareform.org/pass-marijuana-drug-test/.

Staying Drug-Free

The sure way for passing drug tests is by being drug-free. Avoiding drugs has many benefits. It will make you to easily advance in your career. Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are drugs that you should avoid. You can use alcohol but in small quantities.

The Bottom-line

Most employers have drug-testing programs. The most common test is the urine test. This is the cheapest test to undertake. A hair follicle test is very expensive.

Different Methods Of Marijuana Drug Test

June 12, 2018

Drug addiction has severe implications for its user and can lead to mental and44130915_s physical complications. However, in recent times certain drugs are gaining popularity and the monitored use of these drugs is allowed. Marijuana is a form of a drug that has gained immense popularity and it is legalized in certain countries through prescription and is used for medical cures and leisure purposes.

The Methods of Marijuana Testing

There are many methods for Marijuana testing. Often, getting a marijuana or drug testing is mandatory, especially if a person is applying for a job or enlisting for sports, traveling or other government-run programs. The most come methods of Marijuana testing are:

Blood Test to Check Marijuana Traces

A blood test is not often used for tracing marijuana in a person. One reason blood testing is not preferred because it does not detect marijuana if the user has consumed the drug, and it has been in the body for over 24 hours. This weakens marijuana detection in a person. For immediate detections, blood tests are preferred as it easily detects the immediate use of Marijuana and is, therefore, a mechanism mostly used in DUI tests.

Saliva Examination

This is a testing method that is commonly used for marijuana testing. For cannabis smokers, saliva examination is carried out to detect traces of the drugs. However, for saliva examination to be effective a person must be tested within 72 hours of consumption of Marijuana.

Alternate Urine Examination

An alternate drug and marijuana testing mechanism are urine testing. While this method is preferred by most testers, it cannot trace marijuana if the test is taken immediately after the marijuana intake. Urine examination is, however, a powerful test and can detect marijuana use for 2 to 15 days. For a person who is a regular user of marijuana, a urine test can give positive traces even if the marijuana has been in the system for over 30 days.

Hair follicle Detection Method

Another method that yields the best results for Marijuana detection is hair follicle testing. This test can detect the presence of Marijuana in the system, and the test period for detection can go up to 110 days. This method is thus, the preferred option for long-term testing of marijuana. Although under a medical prescription intake of marijuana is permitted but prolongs use of this drug is substance abuse and the user can turn into an addict.

With the methods of marijuana testing, the doctor can check whether there is overindulgence in marijuana intake and the prescribe remedies to overcome such drug addiction. Check out this site for more: http://ecigclopedia.com/marijuana-and-drug-testing/